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1.Letters from the alphabet.

2. Boethius

3. The Neums System.

4. Small horizontal lines, acute- and grave- accents. These were placed above the lyrics of a song to indicate the direction (up or down) of the melody.

5. A plainsong is a simple melody without chords or harmony. They date from the Middle ages.

1. A set of horizontal lines on which note pitches are written.

2. The Great Staff contains 11 horizontal lines. It covers approximately three octaves.

3. Middle C is located on the middle line of the Great Staff.

4. Ledger lines are used to write notes that are above or below a staff.

5. A Clef is a key to identify which lines of the Great Staff are used for a staff with fewer (usually five) lines.
There are three Clefs in use today :

  • G Clef - commonly called Treble Clef.

  • C Clef - used as an Alto Clef and Tenor Clef.

  • F Clef - commonly called the Bass Clef.

1. A semibreve is a round white note with no stem. It is a whole note.

2. A minim is a round white note with a stem. It is a half note.

3. A crotchet is a round black note with a stem. It is a quarter note.

4. A quaver is a round black note with a stem and a tail. It is an eighth note.

5. A semiquaver is a round black note with a stem and a double tail. It is a sixteenth note.

1. A whole note rest is a black box hanging from the second line from the top.

2. A half note rest is a black box sitting on the middle line of the staff.

The notes and rests are :

  1. E minim
  2. quarter note rest
  3. D quaver
  4. E semibreve
  5. D semiquaver
  6. B minim
  7. C minim
  8. D quaver
  9. A minim
  10. C crotchet
  11. F crotchet
  12. F minim
  13. B quaver
  14. G crotchet
  15. middle C crotchet

  16. whole note rest
  17. E crotchet
  18. quarter note rest
  19. A crotchet
  20. E quaver
  21. G minim
  22. eighth note rest
  23. B semibreve
  24. C semiquaver
  25. E crotchet
  26. B minim
  27. sixteenth note rest
  28. G crotchet
  29. half note rest

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