MF on Bari Sax and Keyboard Hi,
I am really "pisssed off" (as they say here in Australia) with Apple!!

I have been a firm supporter of Apple since 1996. They were (and still are) innovative, and I enjoyed their various computers and laptops.
However this always came at a cost of not being able to use any type of PC specific applications.

My personal view is that Apple's approach is solely to maximise sales, with minimum consideration to their loyal customers.
So I left them some 12 years ago and switched to the Windows/PC side. It hase been a good move !.

Now Apple's Safari browser has stopped supporting MIDI, the wondeful, iconic file type that has supported mucisians all over the world for the past 20 years.
Why ?   Probably because they want to get you more into buying iTunes etc.

Here is my answer !
As you may have perceived from my website, my concern is to increase goodwill and co-operation around the world (a most needed commodity).
So here is a link to my FREE BLUES COURSE, which includes numerous supportive play-alongs and demo tracks to listen to.

If you find this of any use, then buy a PC and get my other courses to listen to.
Is this a commecial speal from me just trying to sell you something ? You make up your own mind. (Frankly, being over 79 years old, money is not a great concern for me).   You can also judge my character from everything I have written on my website.
But if you really want to become an intelligent real musician my courses will help you get ther !

Michael Furstner


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