20 Songs for Easy Jazz Improvisation

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1. Course Description

We all know that practising chords and scales is "good for you", but getting around to actually doing this is often a different matter. Jamming on a song is so much more fun.


Improvisation 2 combines the fun with the useful.
Every week you receive one new Jam session which contains :

  • One song for easy improvisation

  • One aspects of phrasing to focus on in your improvisation

  • One exercise (of a scale, chords, or chord progression) to practise in all keys.

There are twenty songs (including five blues songs) in the Course, most of them are written by me. They cover typical Jazz and Blues chord progressions and together cover all essential aspects of good improvisation.

Improvisation 2 is an adventure in music.   Each session opens up a new and often unexpected perspective on the makeup of a song. This will give you new creative ideas on becoming a better improviser, and you will develop a better insight into music in general.   Here is a list of topics dealt with in Improvisation 2.

The Improvisation 2 Course is available as download or on CD.   BUY HERE

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2. Prerequisites

You need midi facility and a good sound card on your computer.

jamfac2.gif You should have basic skills in both playing and reading music notation, but all songs are relatively easy to play. All emphasis is on developing good improvisation.

The Improvisation 2 follows on from the Blues Basics and Improvisation 1 Courses. So complete those two courses first, before starting on the Improvisation 2.

None of the songs in the Improvisation 2 series are included in either the Blues Basics or the Improvisation 1 Course, so that they form an ideal extension to those two Courses.

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