Social Bridge Event in Mijas 2018
Latest update on March 23, 2017
Walk the Camino in style ! - Participating Walkers so far
Hotel TRH Mijas

So far over 20 bridge club members have expressed their interest in a social bridge event in Mijas (6 on the map below) on Spain's Costa del Sol in 2018. We will definitely go ahead with it !

Personal circumstances may change during the 18 months ahead, so it is unlikely that all who expressed interest will be able to actually come to Mijas. However based on the numbers I anticipate that we will have at least 3 full tables for bridge, probably 4 or, who knows, perhaps even 5 tables.

Spain September is always a good month to visit and travel through Europe.

We will therefore organize our Mijas event in the first week of October 2018.

The accommodation and bridge venue will be the 4-star hotel TRH Mijas.

Hotel Mijas has agreements with English tour operators for special weekend deals, usually filling up the hotel to full capacity over any weekend.
We will therefore stay there from Monday to Friday, when it is relatively quiet and very agreeable.

The TRH Mijas Hotel price drops 30% on October 1, when the Tourist Low Season starts.
This year the price for a double room with single occupancy drops from €105 per night in September to €72 per night from October 1 onwards.

The weather during that time of the year is also usually still warm to mild. From mid September some rain may occur, but just as likely will it remain sunny.

Therefore our bridge event dates will be from Monday October 1 to Friday October 6.
(At least 3 bridge sessions will be conducted.   A trip to Granada visiting the Alhambra may also be on the program.)

Players who have expressed their interest so far include :
Ali Nur (?), Ann R., Anne-Marie, Barbara P., Clare H.,
Elisabeth C., Dagmar, Glen B., Helen de S., Helmy,
Judith, Julian, Karen, Leonee, Lyn B,
Liz T., Michael F., Nadia, Nea (?), Philippa,
Robert, Sharon N., Tom.
Those shown in bold also confirmed for the Camino de Santiago walk (see below).
Recent Beginners
Steve and Cathy R. and Joan M.

Not on the list but interested ?   →   email Michael

Regional map - Mijas photos - Hotel TRH Mijas - Contact Michael

When in Spain why not try : Teatre Museu Dali (9) - Camino de Santiago (8)

Michael's Camino walk, June 2012 Why not combine our bridge week in Mijas with a wonderful one week long walk along the most picturesque stretches of the Camino de Santiago between Astorga and Santiago de Compostela in September 2018.

  1. Pick-up before and drop-off after the week long walk is the Santiago Airport.
  2. Seven nights of 4-star accommodation, including breakfast and lunch each day.
  3. Joint dinner on the first and last evening of the tour.
  4. No luggage to carry at all, it will be waiting for you in the 4-star hotel each day.
  5. Enjoy 3-course lunches of local dishes with wine in Pilgrims pubs along the way.
  6. The lunch stop is 6-10 km from the point you start your walk each day.
    After lunch you can decide to walk on for 10 or 20 km, or have another glass of wine and let Paul drive you to the hotel.  (Of course my choice each day back in 2012.)
Walks in Spain dates for their Camino de Santiago walks for September 2018 are :

Saturday September 8 → Friday September 14 (2018)
Saturday September 15 → Friday September 21 (2018)
Saturday September 22 → Friday September 28 (2018)

Ask Michael for the direct contact details of Walks in Spain Owner/Manager Paul.

First responses to the September 22-28 Camino walk (2018) have been enthusiastic an spectacular.

Those on the 'Certain' list have confirmed places.
Those on the 'Possible' list will only secure their place after having committed to'Certain' !

Maximum possible number of participants for this walk is 14 !!
This tour is now fully booked by us !
In case you are interested to come we can put you on the waiting list in case one of the "Possibles" decides not to go.
Saturday September 22 → Friday September 28 (2018)
Certain Possible
  1. Ann Rowston
  2. Dagmar Bräutigam
  3. Elisabeth Temple
  4. Glen Barnwell
  5. Graeme Hockey
  6. Helen de Silva
  7. Judith Hutchings
  8. Karen Stringer
  9. Michael Furstner
10. Philippa Hockey
11. Robert Bradshaw
12. Ali Nur
13. Nea Harrison
14. ?

Latest update on March 23, 2017