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                                    Intermediate lesson, May 2014
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Come along and learn to play Bridge
with the SOCIAL Bridge Club at the BEST PLACE in town

Have you played a little bridge before ? (a previous course, or played a little years ago)
Then join us ALL YEAR ROUND on Sunday afternoons from 3-5pm for easy coaching and refresher sessions at the Darwin Trailer Boat Club.

For Rock Bottome Beginners
Next Beginners Course starts on Sunday afternoon October 11 from 3-5pm, at the Darwin Trailer Boat Club   (Private lessons can also be arranged.)

The Beginners Course includes :

  1. 5 lessons of 2 hours duration each
    (on 5 consecutive Sunday afternoons)
  2. 4 free practice sessions
  3. Free CD containing the complete course and more
  4. Free Bidding Guide plus various hand-outs
  5. Cost : $50.- per person
After completion of the course enjoy the super friendly play each week, plus regular fun social bridge events throughout the year.

You will not be left stranded after completing the Beginners Course (like in other clubs !), for there is plenty of opportunity to improve further, with :
Coaching sessions for Novices and for Intermediates every Sunday.
Additional lessons on two new subjects every month.

About your Bridge Teacher

So don't hesitate and join now, by contacting one of us :
Michael   0428 833 562
Christine   0408 531 897

Website :   www.jazclass.aust.com/tbb