Lesson Topics for Extended Basic to Advanced Level

Two sets of topics will be presented every month to accomodate both those who just completed a Novices Course and others who already have played for 6 months or longer.
Each month lessons will (usually) be conducted on the
1st and 3rd Sunday afternoon at the Trailer Boat Club
1st Thursday evening at Tracy Village. (Intermediates) Michael Furstner Coaching sessions : Every Sunday at the DTBC
           Intermediates : 1-3pm - Novices : 3-5pm
  • Sunday March 19 at DTBC 1-3pm
    Splinter raises and Roman Keycards
    (with Karen Stringer)

  • Sunday April 2 at DTBC 1-3pm
    Game try Double and Support Double
    (with Michael Furstner)

Basic Level Intermediate Level
  1. Overcalls & Take-out Doubles   BR14

  2. The Losing Trick Count (LTC)   Facts

  3. Bidding by a Passed Hand   BR11

  4. Weak & Strong 2 Openings   BR7

  5. Handling a Trump suit   BR12

  6. Indirect & Direct Finesse   BR9 & BR10

  7. The Negative Double Response   BR19

  8. Pre-emptive Opening bids   BR13

  9. The Double Finesse   BR15

10. Hold up & Avoidance plays   BR18

11. Responsive Double   IB11

12. The Game-try Double   IB12

13. Delayed support & Support DBL  BR9

14. Splinter raises   IB2

15. Blackwood - Minorwood - Voidwood  IB6

16. The Duck and the Throw-in BR17

Advanced Level
A1. Power 2♣ & 2♦ Resp. BR38 BG Solo bidding

A2. The Power 1NT   IB9 - BG - Solo bidding

A3. Roman Key Cards BG - Solo bidding

A4. Multi Cues BR33 - Solo bidding

A5. Fourth Suit Forcing BR25 BG

  A6. Cuebid raises BR37 BG

  A7. The Truscott 2NT Response BR28

  A8. The Multi-2♦ Opening IB13 - Solo bidding

  A9. Weak 5-5 suiter Openings IB14 - Solo bidding

 A10. Very Unusual NT & Michaels Cuebid Facts

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