Teachers : Karen, Michael and Rosemary
Lesson Topics for Extended Basic to Advanced Level

Two sets of topics will be presented every month to accomodate both those who just completed a Novices Course and others who already have played for 6 months or longer.

Coaching sessions : Every Sunday at the DTBC
           Intermediates : 1-3pm - Novices : 3-5pm

Basic Level Intermediate Level
  1. Overcalls & Take-out Doubles   BR14

  2. The Losing Trick Count (LTC)   Facts

  3. Bidding by a Passed Hand   BR11

  4. Weak & Strong 2 Openings   BR7

  5. Handling a Trump suit   BR12

  6. Indirect & Direct Finesse   BR9 & BR10

  7. The Negative Double Response   BR19

  8. Pre-emptive Opening bids   BR13

  9. The Double Finesse   BR15

10. Hold up & Avoidance plays   BR18

11. Responsive Double   IB11

12. The Game-try Double   IB12

13. Delayed support & Support DBL  BR9

14. Splinter raises   IB2

15. Blackwood - Minorwood - Voidwood  IB6

16. The Duck and the Throw-in BR17

Advanced Level
A1. Power 2♣ & 2♦ Resp. BR38 BG Solo bidding

A2. The Power 1NT   IB9 - BG - Solo bidding

A3. Roman Key Cards BG - Solo bidding

A4. Multi Cues BR33 - Solo bidding

A5. Fourth Suit Forcing BR25 BG

  A6. Cuebid raises BR37 BG

  A7. The Truscott 2NT Response BR28

  A8. The Multi-2♦ Opening IB13 - Solo bidding

  A9. Weak 5-5 suiter Openings IB14 - Solo bidding

 A10. Very Unusual NT & Michaels Cuebid Facts

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